Thai(Island) Ratings

Feb 28, 2022

Thailand beach

As I try and draw conclusions from our first Thailand adventure, I wondered how helpful I could be in advice for a potential short-term trip; picking the best and worst and helping you make decisions on where to visit. Inspired by a conversation I had with two of my best girls back home regarding how high an IMDb (Internet Movie Database) rating has to be to even consider watching a film, I’d like to give Thailand’s West Coast my own personal ratings.

Just for reference, the girls and I would only watch a 7.2 or above, unless starring Jake Gyllenhaal or Idris Elba in which, exceptions would be made…

PHUKET: 7.0/10

➝ The lesser known sequel to Benidorm takes a surprising turn. The journey of a pig, travelling through busy beaches encountering the hands and iPhones of leathered tourists in linen shirts and flip flops. The pigs main quest? To reach the Giant Buddha from the back entrance through dangerous forest terrain. Can the pig make it? This is a slow moving piece, but worth a watch for the humour.

KOH PHI PHI: 6.2/10

➝ A poorly executed but fast paced thriller, however this one’s not cheap. May contain scenes involving strong alcohol and substance abuse.⁣ Keep an eye out for easter eggs of beauty..

KOH LANTA: 8.0/10

➝ A slow rolling dark-romance, featuring long golden beaches and boujee backpacker homes. The protagonists must watch out for taxi drivers who are out to drain their money and prevent them from experiencing the beauty of the island. With hope, the group of friends might be able to prevent this from happening and bypass the scams escaping to paradise beaches

KOH NGAI: 8.8/10

➝ This gentle moving rom-com shows scenes of tranquil beaches and blue oceans. A true love story with a beautifully happy ending. Don’t miss out on this dark horse.

KRABI: 7.6/10

➝ A genre hybrid; The Beach meets that film where the kayakers get lost out at sea and nearly die after being attacked by killer crabs on the rocks (no? me neither…) A great watch and worthy of exploration.

And there you have it, choose your films (and locations) wisely kids as you never know what’s around the corner…

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